Welcome to the homepage for the Wishlist webapp. This was a project I first envisioned doing in early 2007, but finally implemented with basic functionality in time for Christmas 2008. Anyone is welcome to use this site to maintain a wishlist (or several different ones as the case may be). As this is my first draft so to speak, and I was starting to run out of time for it to be useful this Christmas season, you may find it's not the most robust piece of software (I'd like to be able to blame the code pandas and their lack of dexterity, but really it's my lack of good planning).


Here's an overview of the features provided in this application:

  • Maintain multiple wishlists
  • Share wishlists with other people by URL, so they don't need to login
  • Categorize the items on your wishlist and sort your favorite categories to the top
  • Provide information on which items you want the most (via Priority indicator: Highest-->Lowest)
  • Provide a link for an item, which could be either more info on a product or a place it can be purchased
  • Provide an estimated price, so the people you share the list with can quickly gauge which items might fit how much they want to spend on you.

Create an account

To create your own account for the Wishlist application, login to CodePanda using the links at the top right. Your account from Intemporal should carry over if you had one there, otherwise register for a new account. Once you've logged in, go to "My Account" (link at top right once again), and you should be able to select Wishlist and click "Add Application." Once you've done that, you'll need to logout and log back in to the website.


Let me know if you run into any problems. I will try to fix things that I can. Please send items either to whatever e-mail address you have for me, or to [intemporal.admin(at)gmail(dot)com].